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What is iwantaga.me?

I want a game is a website that suggests games for you to play after selecting four options.
It was created to try and help people find something to play once they have completed the games they own.
".... should be here." "....'s info isn't correct."
Please take into consideration that all games are inputted into the database manually, so some mistakes are bound to slip through.
If you would like to report something, please send me a message to my Imgur Account and I will try to solve it as soon as possible.
(Note: Most of the data on this website is from Steam, this includes release dates and genres.)

How do I get my results?

Results are calculated using a rank system that checks the results you have inputted against other results in a database. In order to try and get you the best fitting game based on your input, certain values give a higher rank than others.
For example, a specific term (such as Sandbox or FPS) will give an item a higher rank than a less specific term (such as Action or Adventure).
This is a website created by Minifrij in 2014. Thanks RS.